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Join us on a tour that celebrates the High Line from an artistic, architectural, and historic

 perspective. This tour is suited for both visitors and locals. Whether you've already been to the High Line more than once or whether it's your first time there, join us to an experience that offers a fascinating perspective on the beloved park full of content, surprises, and secrets


It's no secret that the High Line is an urban masterpiece, a work of art in itself. At the same time, the High Line offers a public art program that displays artworks from a selection of local contemporary artists alongside international ones. The public works are placed along the High Line, some of them are almost hidden as if asking us the viewers to locate them with our eyes. A big portion of the artworks was specially designed with the thought of the High Line in mind and therefore adapt well to the space in which they're placed, sometimes harmonically and at times subversively.


  • We will stroll through the promenade, starting at its southern point to its northern point, during which we'll make a stop to look at some fascinating pieces of art accompanied with explaining about the artists, and work process. 


  • We will point at contemporary buildings which are the spearhead of architecture nowadays, we'll hear about the brilliant architectural design of the High Line and its breathtaking landscape. 


  • We will be exposed to the fascinating history of the High Line and how it came about through an initiative of two young men who decided to start a public fight against the plan to demolish the abandoned railroads at the beginning of the 2000s, and proposed to turn it into a public park instead. 


  • We will also visit the Chelsea Galleries district which is located underneath the High Line, and we'll visit two selected art exhibitions.


  • We will finish the tour at one of the High Line's northern points, and visit the vantage point looking over 10th Avenue, where the most impressive sculptural project of the High Line stands.



  • Location: High Line

  • 2 hour tour

  • Private tours are available any day of the week

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Inspiring Art

Discover local and international artists.


A New Perspective

Discover hidden, magical gems of the High-Line 

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Local guide

Guided by local artists 

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