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This tour is dedicated to the spectacular street art of Manhattan’s most chic and fashionable neighborhood.


  • During this tour, we will stop by some of the most inspiring street art of Soho, we'll point out architectural interventions made by some sassy artists back when the avaunt-grade art ruled the neighborhood


  • We will learn about the cultural developments of the neighborhood, from the time Soho was an abandoned industrial site and what led it to become home to some of the most talked about street art, which quickly turned into a viral sensation on social media.


  • We will see how street art is used as a tool for political and social statements, learn about passing trends, influences from the art world and the important role Instagram has on the careers of street artists nowadays. 


  • We will go back and forth between the contemporary and historic art scenes through the colorful neighborhoods, the beats and secrets of the neighborhood. We'll pass by the second oldest bar in New York, a time capsule in itself, take a peek at some of Soho’s community gardens, antique stores and fashionable boutiques. We'll also point out local restaurants and stores worth visiting, breakthrough architecture, and other wall murals you can check out independently at the end of the tour.



  • Location: Soho

  • 2 hour tour

  • Private tours are available any day of the week


Inspiring Street Art

Discover local and international artists.


Get to know the most chick and fashionable neighborhood of NYC


Local guide

Guided by local artists 

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